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** Guidelines and How-to **

01-17-2011, 08:14 PM (This post was last modified: 02-12-2012 04:49 PM by Masterbater.)
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** Guidelines and How-to **

- Please do a search first for the celeb you want to post! It will be a mess if we get multiple topics about one celeb. A mistake can happen and I can merge the threads then but I will just delete duplicates if it happens often.

- Requests belong in the Request thread, not in the celeb in question's thread. Do note that I pretty much post everything I have but a request will make me double check for that person. Plus maybe it will encourage others to post what they have.

- Double check the celebs name if you make a new thread. If the celeb is in a group with more female celebs, please add the group's name between ( ) behind the name. If the pictures are of the group, obviously you can create a thread with the group's name.
Example: Heidi Range is in the Sugababes, not too many know her name. I also dont mind posting the same picture in the group's thread, as I did here. This is also more easy if you dont know the name of the individual.
If the groupmember has a succesful career, i.e. is as welknown as the group, then I dont mind leaving the group's name behind her name out. As I did with cheryl cole and Nicole Scherzinger. After all, the group's name behind the celebs name is just there so people know where she is known from.


How To:

To make images appear on the board, you need to upload the images to an imagehost.
List of welknown imagehosts:

- http://www.imagevenue.com/
Fast and reliable. I like ImageVenue for it's nice thumbnails, they are a bit bigger than imagebam's thumbnails for example and of better quality. Only problem I have with ImageVenue is that when uploading the uploader get's stuck at times. This can be a pain when uploading a lot. Note that you can use the ' basic upload' method if the flash upload method causes problems.

- http://www.imagebam.com
More reliable than before. The reason why I switch more to ImageBam lately is the fact that their upload never gets stuck. It also has a gallery option that is enabled on auto, so it creates a gallery of the images by default, wich can be accessed at the bottom of any image displayed.

- http://www.imageshack.us/
I only recommend imageshack if the other 2 imagehosts that I mentioned dont work. Reason for this; imageshack tends to delete a lot of pictures that they find innapropriate, result in that famous yellow frog image, seen all over the internet.


Tips and tricks:
- For those who dont know, you can upload several images at once on pretty much all imagehosts. After you click " add files" and you go to the folder with the images you want to upload, you can easily drag your mouse over all images and then proceed. If the images you want to upload are mixed with images you dont want to upload, just hold down the control-button and click in the images you want to upload, now it will select all the images you clicked on.

- Some imagehosts (like imagebam) support galleries, so if you find an image on there that is part of a collection, you will find a 'gallery' button at the bottom on the image. If you click on it, it will show all the images in that gallery, and a code that will place all the images in a post. This way you dont have to click on all the images one at a time.

Any more issues/remarks/questions? Just ask them here.
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