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Full Version: Cas from Showcase Cassie
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The super-foxy Cas from has the attitude and zing of the girls from the old Spick and Span magazines along with a special sexiness all her own. Take a look!
Always great to find more of this fantastic lady, shame the site appears down
Hi, Please take a look again on either or hopefully you'll see a new and constantly improving site. Cas x
[attachment=31]And, just to prove it. here's another pic Cassie has let me have to post here.
Hi, please use an imagehost like or , or use the imagepath from her own site, as attachments here dont work well (and they may get lost when something happens to the server or forum)
And, if you go down to the woods today....

many thanks - found it again
must have been user error/cookies
but site is looking nice and new
Tell all your friends!
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