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Full Version: Whos is your favorite celeb in pantyhose?
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Who has a favorite (or top 3-5-10) celeb in pantyhose?

Mine would be Jennifer Aniston, followed closely by Gwyneth Palthrow. Wink
1. Kate Beckinsale
2. Jessica Alba
3. Frankie Sandford
1-Michelle Trachtenberg
2-Sarah Michelle Gellar
3-Selena Gomez

and many, many more.
Avril Lavigne
Gwen Stefani
Britney Spears
Lea Thompson
Julianne Moore
Andie MacDowell
Tamara Seur
Helga van Leur
Charlotte Besijn
Barbara Schonenberger
Helga van Leur
Paola Saluzzi
Lucy Lawless
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